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We live in a distracted world

My meditation teacher once said,

“In the modern world, we either want to be entertained or asleep.”

Is it any wonder that we fill up our minds, rooms and schedules with activities and gadgets?

Too much stimulation from using gadgets and video games is linked to shortening attention spans and…

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Unschooling works when we help our children recognise their larger self-identities, much beyond school. The cookie-cutter approach taken by many (but not all) public schools in North America does not help holistic development. But for children to see that and to allow them to take charge of their education, they…

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A couple of years back, I attended a fascinating conference in Toronto about the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in business. Delivering the keynote was Dr. Geoffrey West, an eminent physicist and author of the thought-provoking book “Scale.”

He explained that innovation takes place in waves. Moreover, across human history…

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A few years back, I began noticing an interesting trend. Every once in a while, new ideas spontaneously came to my mind — an app, a social cause, the perfect message some public figure needs to hear, or even a new angle to write about.

Sometimes I’d let them simmer…

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The days I wake up feeling beautiful turn out to be the most joyous of days, much more than the others.

Although I don’t work in the beauty industry or create art for a living, the pursuit of beauty is the undertone in so many decisions I make throughout the…

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Singapore was not part of our original travel plans. The city has much to offer to tourists but little that fit into the primary theme of our year-long world schooling journey — to seek out wildlife in its natural habitat. Moreover, the local Peranakan cuisine is delicious but too spicy…

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“If” is a poem by English Nobel laureate Rudyard Kipling, of The Jungle Book fame in 1895. The poem, first published in Rewards and Fairies, ch. ‘Brother Square-Toes,’ is written in the form of paternal advice to his son, John.

As part of the Good Poetry Project, Vineet K Panchhi…

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Early on in our professional life, my husband Shashank Nigam and I made some key decisions to build financial freedom from scratch. You are financially free when you can choose to live comfortably for a period of time without making a continuous income. …

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The second cleaning lady showed up. She eloquently waxed away about the aromatherapy products she would use if we hired her, her work ethic, experience keeping large homes spotless, for over twenty minutes. Frankly, we were overwhelmed by the fact that something we have considered a chore all our lives…

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Sharing glimpses into my eclectic life through The Globe and Mail, Tourism Whistler, The Ascent, The Startup and Towards Data Science.

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